The Next-Best Formula to Breast Milk; Goat’s Milk Formula for Your Little One

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Goat milk is the new cow milk. Find out how it is used for baby formula!

Parents only want the best for their babies. That includes feeding them the best formula for their little bellies! Finding the right formula can be challenging, but research shows that goat milk baby formula is a healthy, nutritious meal for lactose-sensitive infants and toddlers. Read on to find out more!

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Hey, all! Welcome back to my blog. Today I wanted to write about something that I have been doing research on; types of baby formula. No, that doesn’t mean I’m ready to have kids. I just find the topic fascinating. Their little bellies need so many nutrients to grow and thrive. Movies and TV depict mothers either breastfeeding or providing their baby with cow’s milk or formula derived from it.

As a non-mother myself, I had no idea that there were other options. Some babies cannot process cow’s milk, much like lactose intolerant adults. So what do you feed your baby instead? The next-best formula to breast milk – goat milk formula! It may sound strange, but many neonatal specialists agree.

Which Goat Milk Formula is Best?

Specifically, goat milk formula from Growth Spurt Nutrition is one of the highest-quality lactose-sensitive formulas that simulates mother’s milk more closely than formula derived from cow’s milk. All parents want what is best for their babies. Digestive issues from the wrong formula are a concern of many new parents, but making a switch to goat’s milk formula can make all the difference.

If you have never heard of baby formula made out of goat milk, you may be apprehensive. Growing research shows that goat milk more closely resembles a mother’s breastmilk.  Growth Spurt’s new goat milk toddler formula is highly-rated baby food made with only the highest-quality ingredients. 

Why Goat Formula?

For centuries, parents who could not provide breastmilk to their newborns chose cow’s milk alternatives instead. Increasingly, more babies are showing signs of lactose sensitivity stemming from the formula that they are on. The essential vitamins and minerals found in this goat milk formula are also found in breastmilk – perfect for healthy development and a sensitive tummy.

Goat milk has been proven to digest easier than cow’s milk. This type of milk also decreases reflux in babies, which can be uncomfortable for both mom and child. It can greatly lessen the symptoms of lactose intolerance in both children and adults. The DNA structure of breastmilk and goat milk are similar to one another, both with a presence of taurine, an essential amino acid for babies. Cow’s milk formula is essentially devoid of this nutrient, as taurine is usually added to formula artificially. Goat milk contains naturally-occurring taurine.

What to Look for in Goat Milk Formula

If you find that your baby is digesting goat milk formula better than traditional formula, you can set out to find your preferred baby food. 

Here are some of the best things to look for when choosing formula for your little one:

  • Proper Nutrition – A good-quality baby formula will have the proper nutrition for your baby without the need for supplementing other formulas. It should include all of the daily nutrients that your baby needs.
  • Whole, Premium Ingredients – Parents always want to trust where their formula is coming from. By cutting out filler and using whole foods, you are providing your child with a healthier meal.
  • No Filler or Junk – Added sugars, palm oil, and corn syrups are commonly found in low-quality baby formula. Choose one that is free of any of these fillers or chemical enhancers.
  • Close Composition to Breastmilk – At the end of the day, mother’s milk is the most natural feeding option. When that option is unavailable, you want a formula that most closely resembles mom’s breastmilk for health and digestibility.
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Who is Growth Spurt Nutrition?

Growth Spurt Nutrition is a brand-new innovator and advocate for goat milk baby formula. They believe that all babies should have the right nutrition with high-quality ingredients that promote tummy health. A healthy tummy is a happy baby!

At Growth Spurt Nutrition, their team has performed extensive research as to why some babies are more lactose sensitive than others. They used all of their expert knowledge to create a custom, one-of-a-kind goat’s milk formula that very closely simulates their mother’s milk. After all, a mother’s milk is the most natural formula there is.

Both doctors and parents have found more evidence to support the health benefits of goat milk formula when compared to formula from cow’s milk. That’s why Growth Spurt Nutrition is so passionate about their product; they know all of the hard work and research it takes to create a formula that is not only healthy, but delicious and easily accessible.

Cow's Milk Formula vs. Goat's Milk Formula

Cow’s milk formula has been used by parents for a very long time, so it is ingrained in our parenting. There are a few key differences between the two types of formula that should be highlighted.

Cow's Milk Formula

All brands of cow’s milk baby formula have varied ingredients, additives, and nutrients. At it’s core, cow’s milk formula is a nutritious food for your infants and toddlers.

Here are some of the advantages to cow’s milk formula:

  • Supports growth and development
  • Rich in choline
  • Rich in vitamin D and B
  • Contains calcium
  • May prevent diabetes and high blood sugar

While there are quite a few advantages of cow’s milk. there are also some disadvantages, including:

  • Unsafe for lactose-sensitive or allergenic babies
  • Babies can experience breathing issues, rashes, constipation, and runny nose
  • Indigestion problems can include bloating, upset stomach, vomiting, and diarrhea
  • Non-organic milk can contain growth hormones and other additives

If you find that your baby does not experience these symptoms when eating cow’s milk formula, they are likely not senistive to lactose.

Goat's Milk Formula

Due to the popularity of cow’s milk formula, goat’s milk formula is just now gaining it’s notoriety. With the shift from being a dairy-centered society to a more health-based one, goat milk formula is the center of attention for young parents.

Some of the health benefits of goat’s milk formula include:

  • Supporting the baby’s immune system
  • Boosting heart health
  • High bio-availability, which means it has a more similar composition to breastmilk
  • Major anti-inflammatory properties
  • Healthy, strong bones and joints
  • Does not cause as many lactose symptoms as cow’s milk (always check with your pediatrician before switching formulas!)

Many parents have sworn by goat’s milk formula. They made the change after talking with their pediatrician about the pros and cons, which you should do, too.

As with anything, goat’s milk formula has a few disadvantages, including:

  • Some claim that there are higher amounts of cholesterol and saturated fat
  • It is not completely lactose-free
  • Toddlers and bigger children benefit more greatly from this formula
  • Higher cost

Every parent should make a formula decision based on the best interest of their child.

The Best Goat's Milk Formula

Growth Spurt Nutrition has combined their extensive research and knowledge to develop the best baby formula on the market using goat’s milk. This formula supports eye and brain development, immune support, digestive health, and provides over 20 important nutrients for healthy growth.

The full-cream goat milk powder is made with the highest quality of ingredients without any of the filler found in mass-produced formula. The essential vitamins and minerals are designed to closely mimic breastmilk for the most nutritious meal for your growing toddler.

Talk to your baby’s pediatrician today if you suspect any symptoms of lactose intolerance. They may recommend a change in diet, which Growth Spurt Nutrition can provide.

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Goat Your Own Way

In this article, we compared cow’s milk baby formula to goat’s milk baby formula. With goat milk being the latest new trend in baby formula, it has shown improved digestibility in babies with lactose intolerance or allergies. You want to pick the best formula for your sweet child, and Growth Spurt Nutrition can provide the highest quality goat milk baby formula on the market.

Make an appointment with your pediatrician before switching to a new formula. Different babies require different dietary restrictions, and you want a happy baby with a healthy tummy. Comment down below what formula you are using for your little one!