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Another Episode

This website is called Feelings in Food. Mostly I write about food and lighthearted things like my honeymoon, but it’s time I explore the nitty-gritty of the other side, the feelings. Writing this is hard because being vulnerable is hard. The last few days are the lowest that I have felt in a long time. […]

Tuscan Tortellini Soup

If you come from and Italian-American family, you may be familiar with Tuscan Bean Soup. It is a hearty, creamy soup full of vegetables, sometimes meat, and most importantly, cannellini beans. This soup is filling and rich, and is delicious with a hunk of crusty bread on the side. This soup is a dinner soup, […]

Thanksgiving Sides – Corn Pudding

My husband and I went to my best friend’s family party recently. On the buffet table, there was the most beautiful casserole-looking dish. It was golden yellow and fluffy, unlike anything I had ever seen before.  The dish was dubbed Corn Pudding, and it was not something I had ever heard of before. Upon further […]

Bean and Bacon Soup

It is -20 degrees out here in the Chicago Suburbs. In order to stay warm, I made my husband and I a delicious, stick-to-your-ribs type of soup for dinner last night. We ate it in front of the fire as we watched frost collect around the door frame leading to our patio. Since we have […]